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M. William Murphy
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Timothy W. Everett
NJ Lic #3506, Manager

M. William Murphy
Funeral Home
1863 Hamilton Ave
Hamilton, NJ 08619
Welcome to M. William Murphy Funeral Directors
    John M. (Mark) Arnold, NJ Lic #4236, Owner
         Timothy W. Everett, NJ Lic #3506, Manager     
Carmen C. Huber, NJ Lic #3983, Director
We believe that our first responsibility is meeting the needs of your family.

We all plan ahead in life. We plan for  our children's education, weddings,  vacations, and other important life events. We also plan for the unexpected moments in life by getting home, auto and medical insurance. Understanding the benefits of pre-planning has prompted many to take the step to plan their funeral arrangements.

Please call us (609) 882-3800 at  to set up an appointment to discuss pre-planning with one of our caring staff members.

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